Liverpool celebrated it's 800th birthday in April 2007: 800 years since King John, of Magna Carta "fame," presented the fishermen of the "Muddy Pool" (for that's the literal translation from the early Scandinavian word Liver in the Liverpool!). with a Charter to appoint it's own Burghers.

From the modest little fishing village grew a town, with trading links with Ireland and Wales. Fishermen became Privateers, marauding and plundering under licence from the Government, establishing trade routes from Africa to the Caribbean and the Americas, culminating in the now infamous "Triangle" of the Slave Trade. With the growth of the British Empire, Liverpool's stature as Britain’s' Second City of Empire was firmly established. Maritime trade prospered even more with the links to the USA and all parts of Empire as over 9 million Europeans' left for the New World from the Mersey waterfront's Three Graces and into the unknown. Take a trip on the "Most famous Ferry Boat in the World" to experience a little of what those emigrants saw and felt as they left the Mersey, possibly never to return.


Did you know that Liverpool has more Grade 1 listed buildings of any city in Great Britain outside London and our world famous waterfront is a World Heritage site alongside the Taj Mahal in India?

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